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At Simply, we work closely with you throughout the entire process to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way. No showings. No cleaning. No repairs. We’ll make sure you get the highest off-market price possible, and close on your timeline.

Why we offer more.

Simple - It's the right thing to do.

We've seen others that are literally taking tens of thousand of dollars in equity from hardworking people just like you, and putting it in their pocket.

That's just wrong.

At Simply we believe in giving you the best offer possible, respecting your hard work and equity that you've built in your home.

How we're able to do it.

To put it Simply– we can offer you more because we take less.

We’re willing to make less per deal than our competitors (often 90% less), and can do so because of how we’ve designed our company – driven by technology, fueled by compassion. If we do the right thing, we’re going to succeed as a business.

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How Simply calculates your offer.

First we have our underwriting platform - the "Offer Engine" - looking at over 200 different pieces of information. Then we figure out the cost of repairs and improvements to bring your house to a “like-new” condition. We make sure to adjust your estimates based on your location, and your local market costs.
We then determine what your house would be worth once required repairs and upgrades are completed.
We calculate a fair (but smaller than typical) profit margin that justifies us taking on the work
We all win (our sellers and Simply) and we gain more business


What does it cost for me to sell my house to Simply?

Nothing! When you sell your home to Simply, you pay zero fees!

Where does Simply buy homes?

We buy homes and multi-unit properties (usually up to 4 units) in the Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Iowa, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, as well as other select markets.

How do you offer the best price?

We do it because we believe its the right thing to do. Our business is founded on the idea that helping people in difficult situations is a win-win for everyone involved. Our business is built around offering a (very) fair deal to sellers. We believe that if we do that, then everyone walks way feeling good. That builds trust within the community, and generates more business for us in the long term.

How is Simply different from its competitors (like flippers, wholesalers, or other people that call me and say they want to buy my house)?

Those other people have one objective – pay you as little as possible for your property, and take advantage of your situation. We've seen people lose 10's of thousands of dollars to these unscrupulous operators.

We don’t think thats right, or fair.

We have a different point of view. We believe that buying homes off-market helps both the seller and the community. We are part of the communities that we operate within. That means we have to make sure that we do right by all involved. As a company started by people with backgrounds in technology and banking, we know how to scale our business over time. This means we don’t have to make as much money on each deal, and we put that difference back in your pocket. Our marketplace investors agree with us, and that means you win.

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